A “Day of Happiness” at Naratech.


Because we at Naratech believe that we are part of our society, and that we cannot prosper alone, the Charity Committee at Naratech has conducted the first of a series of charity work to give back to the society.

The Charity committee has collected donations from employees at Naratech, and decided to share a “day of happiness” with a group of children from Baq’a Camp in Amman.

The children has been invited by the Charity Committee for a shopping day, where they can select whatever they want to buy and matches their sizes and preferences. Then, they have also been invited to some treats to enjoy the rest of the day. 

The Charity Committee has been established by Naratech employees, and it is only to increase Naratech’s involvement in social work and society improvements.

The Charity Committee has developed plans for charity work for a lot of future events; this comes as we – the team of Naratech – believe in the values of partnership, sharing and mutual development.

 Click here to watch a video of the “Day of happiness”.

Charity Committee

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